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The Challenge

On 7th April, you and your team are in a race against time to travel 124 miles from our Edinburgh or Dundee base as fast as you can. On a budget of £7.50 per person. While fundraising for Kids Operating Room.

You’re going to need a contact book and an entrepreneurial spirit if you’re going to make it that far! You’ll have a maximum of 6 hours to complete the challenge - GAME ON!

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The Prize

The winning team will receive an amazing £1,000 voucher from our fantastic sponsors, Tiso

The scoring system: 70% of your score will depend on how much you fundraise. The remaining 30% will depend on the distance and speed you travel!

How to take part

  • We suggest teams of 3-5 take part (you’ll need to stick together all day).
  • We’re setting you a target of £1,240 per team (£10 per mile), although you’ll need to beat that to claim top spot!

Contact or call 07552640686 if you would like to find out more.

Let's get started!

Read our handy Business Breakout handbook to find out more about how to get started, the rules of the race, and a handy FAQs list that will answer all of your questions.



On average, a family in a low income country will travel 124 miles on a budget of £7.50 to get their child the urgent operation they need. It's often a heart-breaking risk spending money to travel (the average wage is around £1/day) when at the end of the journey the child may still wait weeks or months hundreds of miles away from home before receiving surgery. 

By taking part, you'll be fundraising to bring lifesaving surgical care closer to home for children.

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