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Powerful transformations all round

Support from corporate partners is essential to building a world where every child has access to the surgery they need.

We create inspirational, mutually beneficial partnerships to tackle the global crisis in children’s surgery. We will show you exactly where your money is going, and the difference it can make for children across the world.

Why Kids OR? We save children’s lives every day.

Children around the globe need urgent, life-saving operations every single day, and we provide them. Fifty percent of the operations in our operating rooms are immediately life-saving, while the remaining 50% prevent a lifetime of disability. 

We are the only charity in the world dedicated to giving children equal access to safe surgery, regardless of where they are born.

A two-way partnership.

People and relationships are at the very heart of what we do. We'll work with you to understand what you need from us as a charity partner. As well as finding fun, inspiring and exciting ways to involve your team such as events and volunteering opportunities.

A new charity making progress quickly

A partnership with Kids Operating Room is a collaboration with one of the world’s most exciting new charities. Nobody else does what we do, meaning that your company will get positive publicity for improving the lives of children in the poorest corners of the world. We will build a communications plan to make sure that both your employees and external audiences can quickly grasp the difference you’re making.

Fundraising at work?

Need some inspiration to get you started? You'll find all sorts of ideas here.

Together we can make a difference

As a partner you will change the lives of children across the world. With your help we can create a future where no child must hope for life-saving or life-changing surgery: they will get it.

If your workplace wants to get involved or you need more information about our partnerships, please contact Kids Operating Room at or 0131 297 0090.

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