Africa – 2030 goals

At Kids Operating room we install and equip operating rooms that change the lives of children who desperately need surgery. But we know there is no point in having a shiny new operating room with no one to work in it. That’s why in Africa, we are also focussing on training paediatric surgeons, anaesthesia providers, nurses and bio-medical engineers.

Kids Operating Room is going to radically overhaul surgical infrastructure for children’s surgery across Africa by the end of 2030.

We are going to:

● Create 120 centres of excellence across East and West Africa, each with world-class, state-of-the-art operating rooms, pre and post-operative care.

● Support training for surgeons to work in operating rooms where needed.

● Train anaesthetists to work alongside surgeons.

● Invest in skilled nurses and biomedical engineers to support this expansion.In 2019, we created capacity for 21,000 operations on children. By the end of 2020 this capacity will have increased to nearly 60,000 operations a year.

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