Operating Rooms

Putting the tools for change in life-changing hands

Imagine how frustrating it must be to have the talent to save a child’s life but not the tools. This is the frustrating reality for gifted surgeons in many of the places we work. Operating under torchlight, with the ceiling crumbling above, sometimes with broken equipment and only adult-sized instruments.

Kids Operating Rooms works directly with local surgeons and their teams. We transform operating rooms in their hospitals into dedicated spaces for children’s surgery and provide them with the specialist equipment they need to do the best job they can.

How does the transformation happen?

We identify a hospital without a paediatric operating room or one in desperate need of an upgrade. Then, liaise directly with the local surgeon and his/her team to find out exactly what medical equipment will make a difference to the children they see.

Everything needed for the operating room is then shipped from our warehouse in Dundee to the hospital. This includes our iconic Kids Operating Rooms artwork to go on the walls. The bright colours and friendly animal shapes are designed to provide a little extra reassurance to children at what is understandably a time when they might feel afraid and unsettled.

It’s not just the equipment that we ship. A team of KidsOR experts will meet the equipment when it arrives to help the local teams unload, set up and commission the medical equipment. A separate team of artwork installers will arrive at the same time to complete the decoration of the spaces.

Once the installation is finished, we keep in touch to offer any support needed with maintenance and replacement parts.

Before and After

Here are some of the incredible transformations. Every day, around the world there are parents breathing a sign of relief these facilities exist and surgical teams delighted to be re-writing the future for their patients.

Slide the arrows in the middle of the picture to see how how we transform each space with proper surgical lighting and equipment.

Burkina Faso - CHU Pediatrique Charles de Gualle

Operating Room 3

Before After

Ecuador - Hospital de los Valles

Admission Room

Before After

Ethiopia - Menelik II Hospital

Operating Room 1

Before After

Peru - Instituto Nacional de Salud de Nino

Recovery Room

Before After

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